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Jan 6, 2013 6:00am PST
's a campaign to try to educate residents about the real meaning of the word. it began in chicago. it's now reached the bay area. abc7 news reporter explains. >> my jihad is to stay fit despite my busy and he. -- schedule. what's yours? that's the statement on the side of this muni bus. it's part of an educational campaign created by c.a.r.e., the council on american islamic relations. the group has put 35ads on buses rolling through san francisco. >> the intention of the campaign is to educate our fellow americans about what the word jihad means. >> she is the executive director of c.a.r.e.'s bay area office. >> a common misconception of the word jihad is it means armed struggle or holy war. and that is something that has been perpetrated by many who have made careers out of pushing anti-islamic sentiment. >> i asked muni riders if they knew the definition of jihad. >> religious war. >> a holy war. >> webster defines it as a holy war, but there's a second definition that is more appropriate. >> the proper meaning, as many of us describe it, is to struggle and that's it. for many that is an
Jan 9, 2013 6:00am PST
by any specific action. it is a problem that encompasses issues of mental health, education, as well as access to guns. >> with the anniversary of the elementary school shooting fast approaching, washington, dc, is facing pressure to take action. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is taking a prominent role in the debate. she and her husband have launched an effort to push congressional action on questions of mental health, high capacity gun magazines, and background checks on purchases of a gun. >> i bought a gun at walmart. i went through a background check. why can't we make it more difficult for criminals and mentally ihl to get guns? >> the shock over the elementary school shooting led many communities to offer gun "buy back" programs. >> if we can prevent one child from being the victim of a random accident or for get of an unstable person it is well worth our time and effort. >> at the same time, gun stores say their merchandise is flying off the shelf. >> people want to be able to present themselves. >> the biden tack forts hopes to make recommendation by the end of the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2